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  • [隐藏] How to maintain a good Disinfection robot?
    A disinfection robot (hydrogen peroxide sterilizer) is a sterilizer for the low-temperature sterilization process. Hydrogen peroxide is a highly efficient disinfectant that can be used for surface and air disinfection and is broad-spectrum, highly efficient, fast-acting, and non-toxic when killing various types of pathogenic microorganisms. So, here's some general knowledge about the maintenance of automatic disinfection robots!
  • [隐藏] How should I use a disinfection robot?
    Usually, indoor space and air disinfection are generally used in the three methods of ultraviolet disinfection, spray disinfection, ozone disinfection, now indoor space and air disinfection are generally used in the way of spray disinfection; this is very simple, just configure a professional disinfection robot, this disinfector can be disinfection solution atomization into 1-10 micron atomized particles so that all the disinfection solution "floating" in the air, the autonomous disinfection robot can not only disinfect the surface of objects but also kill airborne bacteria and viruses, eliminating the spread of viruses through aerosols. Here's how to use it!
  • [隐藏] Why choose a disinfection robot?
    Nucleic acid contamination is a problem that plagues the vast majority of laboratories, therefore, with contamination comes disinfection robots. Trace amounts of nucleic acid contamination can produce false-positive test results, which can lead to misdiagnosis and delay of the patient's condition. If this is allowed to develop, aerosol contamination can form and spread, eventually leading to contamination of the entire lab, which can be serious enough to close the lab and cause even more damage if there is no backup lab. This is when an autonomous disinfection robot is needed and see below.
  • [隐藏] What are the advantages of the disinfection robot?
    The disinfection robot (hydrogen peroxide disinfector) can thoroughly disinfect and sterilize the space as a whole, without dead ends and residues, and is a new disinfection and sterilization equipment at home and abroad. This disinfector is mainly used for pathogen disinfection in confined environments, to rebuild a clean sterile environment, air + environmental object surface disinfection in one go, is a safe, environmentally friendly, efficient environmental purification technology. So, what are the advantages of this autonomous disinfection robot?
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