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How to maintain a good Disinfection robot?

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How to maintain a good Disinfection robot?

A disinfection robot (hydrogen peroxide sterilizer) is a sterilizer for the low-temperature sterilization process. Hydrogen peroxide is a highly efficient disinfectant that can be used for surface and air disinfection and is broad-spectrum, highly efficient, fast-acting, and non-toxic when killing various types of pathogenic microorganisms. So, here's some general knowledge about the maintenance of automatic disinfection robots!

Here is the content list:

l Working Principle

l Disinfection robot maintenance methods.

Working Principle

The working principle of the intelligent disinfection robot is that the high-temperature hydrogen peroxide steam generated by evaporation is continuously ejected by the generator until it reaches the saturated state of hydrogen peroxide steam in the space, and the high-temperature saturated hydrogen peroxide steam will reach the micro-condensation state when it touches the cold surface of the disinfected items, forming a micron-level envelope on the surface of various microorganisms, and the hydrogen peroxide molecules will release strong oxidizing free radicals This enables the disinfection robot to kill microorganisms.

Disinfection robot maintenance methods.

1. The disinfection robots used in each department should have operating procedures; check and record the daily use, maintenance, and operation of the autonomous disinfection robots; keep the manuals, drawings, and tools, etc.

2. Strictly enforce the operating procedures. The disinfection robot operator must master the operating procedures, performance, maintenance methods, and precautions. Non-staff members are not allowed to operate the robot at will. In special cases, they must be allowed to operate the robot by the department head and accompanied by the maintenance person.

3. Disinfection robot is located in the section to set a person to keep, maintenance, failure should immediately notify the equipment section for maintenance.

4. No section or individual shall lend or exchange the automatic disinfection robot, otherwise the section director and the person in charge shall be responsible for all consequences.

5. During the warranty period of the disinfection robot, the using section shall conduct a comprehensive side test of the equipment, find problems, and immediately report to the disinfection robot manufacturer for repair, and exclude all faults within the warranty period. If the failure is not reported within the warranty period, the equipment will be managed by the maintenance person and the section director.

6. After the warranty equipment is damaged, the first disinfection robot maintenance personnel sex check, cannot deal with the site, immediately notify the warranty company, and determine the way to repair the disinfection robot, need to ask for instructions immediately, and the implementation of the first repair responsible system, by who receives maintenance tasks who is responsible for the end. Ask the maintenance personnel to make a good record and maintenance registration, if the not timely record and the resulting loss occurred by the parties (maintenance personnel) is responsible.

7. If the hospital does not have maintenance conditions for the equipment, the disinfection robot maintenance staff will promptly ask the relevant technical personnel to repair or send out for repair, no department or individual may privately hire someone to repair the disinfection robot.

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