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What are the advantages of the disinfection robot?

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What are the advantages of the disinfection robot?

The disinfection robot (hydrogen peroxide disinfector) can thoroughly disinfect and sterilize the space as a whole, without dead ends and residues, and is a new disinfection and sterilization equipment at home and abroad. This disinfector is mainly used for pathogen disinfection in confined environments, to rebuild a clean sterile environment, air + environmental object surface disinfection in one go, is a safe, environmentally friendly, efficient environmental purification technology. So, what are the advantages of this autonomous disinfection robot?

Here is the content list:

l Advanced fogging system

l Powerful dry mist delivery system

l Stable control system

l Simple program operation

l Wide range of matching reagents, safe to use.

l Various software functions

l Second-generation upgraded products have more functions

Advanced fogging system

The disinfection robot adopts the atomization method, with high efficiency and good effect, the dispersed dry fog particles are small, 5um in diameter, with good uniformity, and the disinfectant dry fog particles can be suspended in the air for a long time. Compared with UV lamp disinfection, the disinfection robot can kill the microorganisms in space to a greater extent. The dry fog disinfectant also has a certain "rigid" performance, and the disinfectant will not adhere to the table, wall, equipment surface, etc., and the disinfectant particles will be bounced off the disinfector. This can greatly reduce the corrosive nature of the disinfectant.

Powerful dry mist delivery system

Disinfection robot (hydrogen peroxide disinfector) on the dry fog delivery system for the company's technical staff for this product, customized for the company, disinfection robot material using stainless steel, corrosion resistance, low noise, strong wind, transport of dry fog distance, visible to the naked eye dry fog distance ≥ 2.5m, to meet the needs of sterilization of larger spaces.

Stable control system

Disinfection robot for touch screen operation, built-in industrial capacitive screen computer, good performance, stable, not easy to fail. Easy maintenance at the later stage, no need to upgrade remotely.

Simple program operation

The disinfection robot software design is simple, easy to learn, and easy to operate, just enter the space to be disinfected, the equipment can directly calculate the amount of disinfectant required after the initial program is set, subsequent operations only need to select the existing program that has been saved, can achieve rapid operation, smart sterilization robot system program storage capacity, the program can store hundreds of.

Wide range of matching reagents, safe to use.

The mobile disinfection robot can be equipped with a 6%-20% hydrogen peroxide solution for space disinfection. Since hydrogen peroxide higher than 8% is flammable and explosive, it is not only inconvenient to purchase, but also requires professional vehicles and professional warehouses for transportation and storage, the product can also achieve more than 95% killing effect on space microorganisms when equipped with 8% hydrogen peroxide disinfectant. This disinfection robot is based on the same disinfection and sterilization effect, the device is safe to use, easier to match reagents, has lower requirements for the use of personnel, and has higher market acceptance.

Various software functions

This disinfection robot has an automatic calculation function, only need to enter the size of the room to be disinfected, you can automatically calculate the amount of disinfectant required; has a timed appointment function, the product can be booked in advance of the time, after the timed appointment, the equipment can automatically start disinfection sterilization; in addition, the disinfection robot has a record function, when the equipment is running, the equipment can automatically record the time of disinfection; has remote operation function, the equipment can be remote control, convenient for outdoor control; with alarm function, disinfection sterilization is completed, the disinfection robot automatically issued an alarm to indicate that the space disinfection has been completed; with a one-touch drainage function, after the use of the equipment, the residual small amount of liquid can be directly one-touch to complete the emptying.

Second-generation upgraded products have more functions

The upgraded second-generation disinfection robot product can not only complete the disinfection of space sterilization, but also complete the removal of nucleic acid aerosols, is the first equipment with both functions, and has become an indispensable machine for molecular nucleic acid testing laboratories to ensure the accuracy of testing and not to show false-positive results. At the same time, the second-generation product also has a self-cleaning function, after completing sterilization or nucleic acid aerosol removal, the disinfection robot can automatically remove and recycle the residual microbeads in the space automatically.

Bioteke Corporation has a strong track record in molecular diagnostics and rapid testing, especially in nucleic acid extraction and disinfection robotics. We look forward to working with you!

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