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How should I use a disinfection robot?

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How should I use a disinfection robot?

Usually, indoor space and air disinfection are generally used in the three methods of ultraviolet disinfection, spray disinfection, ozone disinfection, now indoor space and air disinfection are generally used in the way of spray disinfection; this is very simple, just configure a professional disinfection robot, this disinfector can be disinfection solution atomization into 1-10 micron atomized particles so that all the disinfection solution "floating" in the air, the autonomous disinfection robot can not only disinfect the surface of objects but also kill airborne bacteria and viruses, eliminating the spread of viruses through aerosols. Here's how to use it!

Here is the content list:

l Usage.

l Cautions.


1. Preparatory phase.

(1) Cleaning: This disinfection robot uses the hydrogen peroxide sterilization method, and the sterilization effect is affected by inorganic salts and organic matter such as blood, so the instruments must be cleaned before sterilization.

(2) Drying: The disinfection robot needs to be vacuumed before sterilization, so the instruments must be kept dry to avoid interruption of the sterilization cycle and repeated vacuuming during sterilization.

(3) Packaging: Wrap the disinfection robot in a sterilization bag and place a chemical indicator card inside the package. The whole set of disinfection robot or its lumpectomy class needs to be put into the instrument box or instrument basket (if there is a tube core, it needs to be taken out and placed in parallel first), and then wrapped in two layers with non-woven fabric in the outer layer.

2. Sterilization phase.

(1) Placement: Place the disinfection robots in the sterilization baskets side by side in a single layer, keeping the transparent side of the bags facing the same direction and leaving a gap between instruments. Try to sort the different types of disinfection robots and do not mix them. The sterilization baskets are then placed flat in a single layer on a metal shelf in the sterilization chamber.

(2) Selecting cycles: Select sterilization cycles according to the type of automatic disinfection robots. Choose primary cycle for instruments with small quantity, simple shape, and clean surface; choose secondary cycle for disinfection robots with complex structure or with tube lumen.

(3) Wait for the end of sterilization and judge the sterilization effect according to the indicator card of the disinfection robot: the indicator card before sterilization is gray and the indicator card of the sterilization result turns light red.


1. The disinfection robot should be installed in a clean surgical area and kept at a sufficient distance from the surrounding walls (generally more than 10m).

2. The disinfection robot must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before sterilization.

3. Long and thin catheters with blind ends, instruments with lumen lengths greater than 2m or internal diameters less than 1mm, plant fiber products, liquids, oils, and powders cannot be sterilized with the plasma low-temperature hydrogen peroxide sterilizer.

4. Packaging must be in bags or polypropylene non-woven fabric, which cannot be reused.

5. Disinfection robot sterilization objects should be placed in a way that facilitates the penetration of hydrogen peroxide and should not be stacked.

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