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Use of sampling kits and precautions
11-28 2021

The main structure and performance of the medical sampling kit: usually consists of a swab or a cup with an antiseptic solution and a test tube. That is to provide non-sterile. The scope of application of the medical sampling kit is mainly used for sample collection, transportation, and storage, etc. Let's learn how to use the sampling kit and precautions.

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Optimization of convenient real-time PCR machines
11-24 2021

If it is real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR for virus quantification and SNP genotyping, we need a PCR machine with the highest possible specificity; if it is pathogen and mRNA detection, we need high sensitivity PCR machine, so how should we optimize this PCR machine?

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Precautions for using the PCR machine
11-20 2021

When PCR machines detect micro-infection factors, they are prone to various problems due to contamination. Therefore, when operating PCR machines, operators should strictly follow some operating procedures to minimize possible PCR contamination or eliminate the occurrence of contamination and other problems. The following will describe the use of PCR machines and precautions.

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Introducing PCR Machine Categories And Applications
11-16 2021

As the instrument of choice for gene amplification analysis, PCR machines are widely used in life science research, biochemical analysis, clinical diagnosis, drug analysis, forensic identification, and rapid epidemic testing. PCR machines are based on a biochemical technique called Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR for short). So, what are the different types of PCR machines and how are they used?

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Applications of Virus Sampling Kits
11-12 2021

Disposable virus sampling kits are not common in everyday life, but when we walk into hospitals and through hospital testing centers, we see many nurses using disposable blood sampling kits or disposable virus sampling kits for sampling experiments. Not only is it widely used, but it is also very easy to use. So where are disposable virus sampling kits widely used?

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