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medical magnetic Nucleic Acid Extractor(throughput-32) dna

For nucleic acid extraction from virus, tissue, cells, swab, faeces, plant, blood and other clinical or forensic samples


BioTeke's Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System uses cutting-edge magnetic bead separation technology to achieve fast and easy operation of DNA/RNA automation extraction procedure. 

All separation and purification procedures are completed in 32 well plates and there is no need for steps like regular centrifugation and filtering required by extraction and purification. 

The system can complete fast extraction and purification process from 1 to 32 samples, including but not limited to blood, tissue, cells, swab, virus and other clinical or forensic samples. 

The extracted high quality DNA/RNA is ready for use in highly sensitive downstream analysis, such as qPCR, clinical molecular diagnostic, analysis of gene expression, gene analysis, forensic and infectious disease research etc. 

The purified nucleic acid can be applied directly for the next enzyme cleavage, identification as well as disease diagnosis and treatment etc. 

As a famous domestic nucleic acid separation and purification technology company, BioTeke provides over 100 kinds of extraction kits for use with this instrument to maximize its application and minimize its costs.

This automated nucleic acid extractor uses magnetic rods on magnetic rod racks to transfer magnetic beads bound with nucleic acid to different wells, and mixes liquid at fast speed and repeatedly with magnetic sleeves outside magnetic rods. The liquid is mixed evenly. And after cell lysis, nucleic acid binding, washing and elution, highly purified DNA/RNA nucleic acid molecules is finally achieved.



1.    Flexible and convenient

The device is compact in design and extremely convenient to operate. It can be freely programmed to complete the experiment quickly. 

The one-button extraction of DNA/RNA instruments, the 32 modules and the large-capacity 8 modules can

be switched freely, and the working volume can reacn 7ml.


2.    Temperature control

By configuring the heating module to heat up to 120 。C quickly, you can also extend the low tempe「ature module so that you don't have to rush to transfer

the product and still maintain good biological activity.


3.    Handling a wide range of sample types

It can handle a wide variety of samples of tissues, various blood, serum, cells,

body fluids, secretions, food, viruses, bacteria, and so on.

4.    Open platform

The instrument can not only complete the experiment with more than 100 kinds

of magnetic bead kits of the company, but also ensure that the reagents are completely open.

5.    Application

This product is mostly used in scientific research platforms, university laboratories, hospital central laboratories, local disease prevention and control centers, food safety platforms, etc.


AU1001S Main Parameter

Model Type


Product Type

Nucleic Acid Extraction

Product Name

Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor





Power supply



Corresponding reagents,Model   No.AU17011,No. 52012

Operatir)g environment relative humidit


Operating environment   temp


Temperature control range

4 to ~100 ℃

Temperature control accuracy

±0. 1℃

Average heating rate

2.5 ℃/s

Processing Volume


Magnetic Force

4500gauss Above


32pcs at same time

Extraction   time

15min to 2hours, depend on Kit


CE, 13485, FDA


Testing data

Experiment 1 :FAM Channel Test Ct value



Experiment 2:FAM Channel Test Ct Value



According to above three testing data, 96 throughput RNA extraction system will not generate aerosol contamination, with obvious difference between medium & low concentration samples and positive & negative samples. High sample extraction uniformity, CV value less than 30%. 

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