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Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)&DR Panel (Fluorescence PCR Method)

Testing for 19 pathogens and 12 drug resistance gene at once
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  • PR2024-UT01

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Urinary tract infection is a common high incidence disease worldwide, it has become the second largest infectious disease after respiratory tract infection. It’s high morbidity and mortality is a serious threat to human health and life safety.

Diagnosis gold standard of urine bacteria bacterial culture identification and drug susceptibility analysis experiment, but the culture cycle is longer, usually to 5-7 days, and low positive rate, limited application range (some pathogens to in vitro culture), because from the onset to the report time is too long, easy to miss the acute phase optimal treatment period.

Nucleic acid testing is increasingly used in the pathogen diagnosis of urinary tract infections. Compared with gold standard of bacterial culture identification and drug susceptibility analysis experiment which usually takes about 5~7 days, nucleic acid testing can save a lot of time. The target of nucleic acid testing is the genetic material of the pathogen. Through the selective amplification of the target sequence, very high detection sensitivity and specificity can be achieved.

Since nucleic acid detection does not require bacterial isolation and culture, pathogens can be detected quickly in the early stage of the disease.

B.Product presentation

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) &DR Panel is used for in vitro qualitative detection of 19 common pathogens and 12 drug resistance genes in urine samples.

The PCR reaction system is made into premixed freeze-dried powder in PCR tubes, containing Taq enzyme, UDG enzyme, reaction buffer and specific primers and probes required for amplification. Each well is detected by 4 color fluorescent channel for 4 target genes, total of 31 targets.

This kit contains a nucleic acid release reagent, without complex nucleic acid extraction, and can be directly tested after adding dissolving solution and the nucleic acid.

C.Features and Advantages

1.Up to 19 common pathogens and 12 drug resistance genes can be detected once.

2.Reliable results: high sensitivity, high specificity, exogenous quality control, monitoring the detection process.

3.Freeze-dried reagents form: without fear of temperature change and long-distance transportation.

4.Optimal amplification system: add UDG enzyme and other enhancer to avoid false positive and reduce inhibitor interference.

5.Time saving, full process in 90 minutes.

D.Product Qualification(by Dec.5th,2022)

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)&DR Panel (Fluorescence PCR method)
尿路感染(UTI)&耐药基因检测试剂盒(荧光 PCR 法)
型号:PR2024-UT01 (8 samples/kit, 24 samples/kit)
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