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Antigen test domestic market analysis

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Antigen test domestic market analysis

Antigen testdomestic market at present, the epidemic situation has been well controlled in my country, but with the advent of the epidemic period of respiratory infectious diseases in winter and spring, and the existence of imported epidemics overseas, the new crown epidemic in my country is in a state of sporadic outbreaks. In particular, local confirmed cases have appeared in many places recently, indicating that my country's new crown prevention and control is still in a tense period. My country has a large population and a high density of urban populations. The experience of multiple outbreaks shows that my country still needs convenient and fast new crown detection technology, and at the same time, it needs to greatly reduce the cost and the occupation of medical resources.

Here is the content:

l Mass screening in densely populated areas

l Overseas input detection

l Normalization detection

Mass screening in densely populated areas

During the end of the domestic new crown epidemic, the symptomatic infected people in many cities have been treated. However, with the deepening of the new crown research, it is found that some recovered patients have recovered positive, while some asymptomatic infected patients have not been Find. Therefore, nationwide nucleic acid testing was carried out. Although this process is very effective in admitting and treating infected people and further eliminating silent infection, it consumes enormous medical, social, and economic resources. After the small-scale epidemics in China, similar measures have been adopted for national testing and control. In response to this massive testing demand, my country has rapidly expanded its domestic nucleic acid testing capacity. At the end of September 2020, the domestic single-day Antigen test capacity reached an astonishing 4.8 million copies/day. But for China's billions of people, this amount of testing is still a drop in the bucket. The new crown Antigen test based on lateral flow immune analysis does not rely on professional facilities, technical equipment, and personnel at all. As long as the production capacity can be met, large-scale screening of the population can be carried out. This is unmatched by nucleic acid testing that relies on technical operations.

Overseas input detection

The current positive situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control is hard-won, and the prevention and control of overseas import links must not be relaxed. Many entry point cities such as Beijing and Shanghai have issued regulations on the full implementation of centralized medical observation and COVID-19 testing for all inbound personnel. Due to the global epidemic, various countries have strictly controlled entry and exit, and there will not be a large increase in the number of inbound personnel in the short term. According to the above estimates, the cumulative number of people entering Beijing is 120,000, and each person is tested for the new crown, which requires about 120,000 tests. The China Tourism Academy released a report that the domestic epidemic affected 14.54 million Chinese inbound tourists in the first half of 2021, a year-on-year decrease of 80.1%. For 30 million people, each person performs an Antigen test, which requires about 30 million tests.

Normalization detection

The current epidemic prevention and control have become normalized. The number of people who will be tested voluntarily is estimated, assuming that the testing rate in the developed eastern regions is 5%, the testing rate in the central and western regions is 3%, and the demand for voluntary testing is estimated to reach 53.9 million. With the advent of the spread of seasonal influenza, Antigen tests will be used in clinics and community hospitals for initial screening to distinguish influenza from new crown patients, and the Antigen test kit will have a wide range of applications. Judging from the above situation, only in my country does, the Antigen test has many application prospects and a huge market. The new crown antigen POCT test can not only improve our country's ability to respond to the epidemic but also reduce the demand for resources. Under the circumstance that my country's current new crown diagnosis and treatment are all free, it can effectively alleviate the tension of medical, social, and economic resources, and it is also the current development direction of my country's new crown diagnostic products.

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