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Automated Sample Transfer Processing System

It can transfer 96 samples from single tubes and accurate manner in 9-12 min.
  • BF4096
  • Bioteke

A. Description

BioTeke Sample Transfer Processing System BF4096, as a sample pre-processing workstation, is able to transfer 96 samples from single tubes to a 96-well plate in an automatic and accurate manner in 9-12 minutes. It integrates automatic barcode identification, decapping, liquid transfer, loading and capping of sample tubes, greatly improving large-scale nucleic acid testing capacity.

Scope of application: clinical sample processing, virus sample processing, microbiological test, nucleic acid test pre-processing, pharmaceutical development, biological sample filling, etc.

B. Characteristic

It is suitable for virus sampling tubes of multiple sizes. Up to 96 original tubes, without any pretreatment, can be loaded for four-channel barcode identification, decapping, liquid transfer, decapping. The channel spacing is flexible, fully adapting to the spacing of different plate tubes. With a collection volume of more than 10,000 samples per day, this highly automatic system can liberate researchers from heavy manual work.

The instrument covers a floor area of about 0.7 m2. Equipped with an upward-opening electric automatic door, it makes full use of the upper space of the laboratory.

C. Advantages

With an independent four-channel decapping module and an effective transfer volume of 10-1000 μL, the automatic sample transfer processing system offers fast and accurate operation as it incorporates tedious manual sample pre-processing steps into a closed system; besides, the built-in HEPA filter and UV sterilizer ensure a safe and reliable working environment.

The independent HEPA filter avoids the leakage of aerosol and improves security; two built-in UV lamps and an external droplet plate offer multiple protection, to ensure stable and reliable test results.

The four scanning modules are compatible with both QR codes and barcodes. In order to avoid missing, sample tubes will be quickly rotated, then identified and collected for information, and registered.

D. Basic Parameters


Sample filling

Work Environment

Closed sample processing

Application Parameters

96 samples/9-12 min

Anti-contamination Design

External droplet plate

Barcode Scanning

Four 2D scanners, compatible with 1D and 2D



Information Loading

Automatic identification of sample tube barcode

Principle of Liquid Transfer

Air displacement

Sample Throughput

96 samples/time

Robot Arm Positioning Accuracy

X-Y-Z: ± 0.1 mm

Sample Type

Plasma, serum, whole blood, swab wash buffer, etc.

Overall Dimension

1200 mm (L) × 660 mm (W) × 720 mm (H) (approximately)

Repeatability of Transfer

10μl: ≤5%, 100μl: ≤2%, 1000μl: ≤1%

Safety Protection

UV lamp, HEPA system

Transfer Accuracy

10μl: ≤7%,100μl: ≤5%,1000μl: ≤2%

Tube Compatibility

Virus sampling tubes of multiple sizes, 10 ml sample tubes, 5 ml sample tubes (optional)

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