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Sample nucleic acid release reagent

The invention relates to a reagent and a method for the quick release of nucleic acid.

A. Description

Nucleic Acid Release Reagent provides a fast, simple, and Low-cost method for preparing nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) for PCR amplification. For common samples such as tissue-free body fluids, cell culture supernatants or swab-type sample preservation solutions (normal saline, PBS, Hanks solution, VTM, UTM and other non-inactivated preservation solutions), nucleic acid extraction can be finished at room temperature in 10 minutes.


B. Intended Use

Nucleic Acid Release Reagent is intended for the pre-treatment of the samples to be tested. The substances to be tested in the specimens can be released from other substances to facilitate the use of in vitro diagnostic reagents or instruments.


C. Advantage&Features

1. Rapid lysis of cells and viruses, complete nucleic acid release at room temperature within 1min.

2. One step, simple and quick.


D. Kit Components



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