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What do you know about sampling kits?

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What do you know about sampling kits?

A sampling kit is a virus sampling kit consisting of a preservation tube (with a built-in virus sample preservation solution), a sampling swab, and a biosafety bag. It is used for the transfer and preservation of clinically collected samples. Not used for microbiological identification and drug sensitivity testing. Let's learn more about the sampling kit next.

Here is the content list:

l A sampling kit can be used for

l Product description of the sampling kit

A sampling kit can be used for

Sampling kits are suitable for nucleic acid extraction and late virus isolation of various influenza viruses, avian influenza viruses, coronaviruses, hand, foot and mouth, rubella, and other viral samples. The sampling kit is also suitable for the collection and transportation of specimens of Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Mycoplasma sodium, etc. Specimens are usually collected in the human mouth, throat, nasopharynx, anus, and other parts of the body.

Product description of the sampling kit

Sampling swabs: flocked swabs are recommended (polyester cotton tips are also available). (See "flocked swabs" for details)

Sampling bag: sampling kit and cover for medical polypropylene material, high temperature (121 ℃) low temperature (-80 ℃), static extrusion, and dynamic impact resistance. Sampling kit bottom conical design, resistant to centrifugation and shock. Built-in sample preservation solution for sample release and preservation, eliminating leakage. Built-in glass beads for easy sample elution. The sample inclusion points are 10ml, 7ml and 5ml.

Sampling kit sample preservation solution classification:

Non-inactivated type: built-in 2-3ml UTM liquid, pink transparent liquid, suitable for virus preservation solution formula, can maintain the activity of the virus in a wide temperature range, try to maintain the originality of the sample in the sampling kit, does not contain lysate, can maintain the activity and integrity of the pathogen, in the sampling kit can be used for virus culture isolation.

Inactivated type: Built-in 1-3ml of preserving solution containing guanidine salt or without guanidine salt, can be selected according to the need.

(1) Sample preservation solution with guanidine salt: a mixture of virus lysate and nucleic acid preservation solution, colorless and transparent, or customizable as a light red transparent liquid. This product can instantly lyse pathogens to release nucleic acid, and the protective liquid in the sampling kit can prevent nucleic acid from being degraded, effectively ensuring the integrity of viral nucleic acid in the sampling kit, and the collected specimens can be transported and stored for a long time under room temperature conditions.

(2) Guanidine salt-free sample preservation solution: contains special protein denaturant and nucleic acid stabilizer; protein denaturant can destroy the secondary structure of the virus shell protein and inactivate the virus, and nucleic acid stabilizer can preserve the virus nucleic acid at room temperature without degradation, avoiding the degradation of nucleic acid in the sampling kit before detection, resulting in a "false negative" nucleic acid test. ".

Biosafety bag: The sampling kit containing the virus sample is placed in a biosafety bag for storage and transport, health care for the safety of medical testing work to increase the code.

Packaging: The virus sampling kit is packed in internationally used paper-plastic or blister packaging, sterilized and sterile

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