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Effective Molecular Diagnostic Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit

  • This product is a magnetic bead-based viral DNA/RNA nucleic acid extraction kit. It uses nanomagnetic beads to efficiently adsorb nucleic acids for nucleic acid extraction, enrichment, purification, etc. The processed products are used for clinical in vitro testing.
  • This product can be used directly after disassembly without pretreatment. Dissolving at room temperature helps avoid aerosol contamination caused by heating.
  • This product can extract high-purity pathogen nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) from various samples, including cell-free body fluids such as tissues, serum, plasma, various swab eluates, virus preservation solutions, cell culture supernatants, etc.
  • AU17011 AU17012

  • Bioteke

Warm warning: This product is not available for US market.

A. Description

1 . Isolation and purification of high quality viral DNA/ RNA from serum plasma, swab preservation solution or various virus presevervation solutions.

2. Package: Prepackage (96 tests/kit).

3. Storage Conditions:24 months.

4.Prepackaged Reagents:Virus lysis buffer VL2 400ul; Buffer BB 600ul; Virus magnetic beads 10ul; Virus rinse buffer Buffer A 500ul; Rinse buffer WB 700ul; Elution buffer 80ul.

B.Intended Use

For isolation and purification of high-quality viral DNA / RNA from serum, plasma, swab preservation solution or various virus preservation solutions. Only available for lab on IVD application.


C. Applicable Instruments

This model is suitable for Biotech AU1001-96 fully automatic nucleic acid extractor and similar instruments.

D. Precautions

1. Please read the instruction manual carefully before use and operate strictly in accordance with the instructions. Clinical sample processing needs to be carried out in a clean bench or biological safety cabinet;

2. Do not mix reagents of different batches. Please use this reagent within the validity period;

3. The production date of the product is based on the actual order date of the customer to ensure the longest validity period of the reagent.


E.  Product Qualifications(By Dec.6th,2022)

Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit
AU18112, AU4001, AU19014, AU1201, AU70011, AU7011,
AU31111, AU46111, AU52012, AU17011, AU10111,
DP1801, DP1802, DP1901, DP1902, DP4611, DP4612,
DP4613, DP3111, DP3112, DP3113, DP3114,
RP5401, RP5402, AU17012
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Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Certificate 澳大利亚注册
Brazil ANVISA Registration-DP46XX 巴西注册-DP46XX
Brazil ANVISA Registration-AU17011 巴西注册-AU17011
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Peru Registration 秘鲁注册
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