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Rapid DNA/RNA Test Solution for Respiratory Diseases

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Rapid DNA/RNA Test Solution for Respiratory Diseases

A. Product introduction


1.BioTeke Nucleic Acid Release Reagent


Packing specification: 48tests/box

The release reagent can achieve rapid inactivation and lysis of the virus, and the released nucleic acid can be directly amplified as a PCR template.


2.Multiple Respiratory Pathogen Nucleic Acid Test Kit

Model:PR2022-RP01/  PR2022-RP02/ PR2022-RP03/  PR2022-RP04/  PR2022-RP05

Packing specification: 8test/box , 16test/box

Tubes A\B\C\D are lyophilized in 8-tube strip and can be arbitrarily combined into kits of different models. Customization according to needs is available.


B. Operation steps

The whole process requires no pipette, no extractor, just one dropper and one swab, Reduce time, cost, and workload.

The DNA/RNA extraction-free protocol can be applicable to clinics, pharmacies, personal doctors, home testing, testing laboratories, and hospitals, etc. DNA/RNA detection can be completed between 30-50mins, and can be adapted to most  popular PCR instruments.

2 1. Clean hands and wear gloves, take the swab and sampling.
3 2. Insert the swab into the dropper to release DNA/RNA.
4 3. Screw on the dropper cap, squeeze the red cap to open it.
5 4. Drip the liquid directly into the lyophilized PCR system, Wait for the completely thawing of the lyophilized reagent(about 30s). Then the reagent can be directly used as a PCR template for amplification.
6 5. DNA/RNA detection can be completed between 30-50mins.

C. Test data


From the above clinical results we can see that the detection ability of the BioTeke reagent for respiratory infections was good. The test is reliable, safe and stable, and has high clinical application value.

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