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Nucleic Acid Release Reagent (free Extraction)Kit

The invention relates to a reagent and a method for the quick release of nucleic acid.
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Warm warning: This product is not available for US market.

A. Description

Nucleic Acid Release Reagent provides a fast, simple, and Low-cost method for preparing nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) for PCR amplification. For common samples such as tissue-free body fluids, cell culture supernatants or swab-type sample preservation solutions (normal saline, PBS, Hanks solution, VTM, UTM and other non-inactivated preservation solutions), nucleic acid extraction can be finished at room temperature in 10 minutes.


B. Intended Use

Nucleic Acid Release Reagent is used for the pretreatment of the sample to be  tested, so that the test substance (nucleic acid DNA and RNA) in the sample is released from the state of  being combined with other substances, and is added  as a template to join the confifigured PCR reaction  system for amplifification detection.

C.Product performance indicators

The sample lysates could be directly used as a  template for amplifification detection and had no  signifificant inhibition on downstream detection.

D. Advantage&Features

1.Rapid inactivation:

The virus was inactivated quickly, and there is  no need to heat and  inactivate the sample  separately

2.Two in one:

A simple step to achieve nucleic acid preservation and  extraction, greatly simplify the  virus detection process and time

3.No nucleic acid extraction:

No nucleic acid extraction, the preservation solution can be directly used as a template for nucleic acid amplifification, and the components are compatible with RT-PCR experiments

4.Convenient operation:

No need for professional  equipment, easy to operate,  save time, and reduce testing  costs.


E. Kit Components



F. Product Qualifications(By Dec.6th,2022)

Nucleic Acid Release Reagent
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