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Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit: Reliable And Efficient Nucleic Acid Extraction Solution

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Nucleic reagents (5)

A. What is a nucleic acid extraction kit?

Nucleic acid extraction kit is a tool used to extract DNA or RNA from biological samples. It is widely used in molecular biology research, clinical diagnosis, forensic identification and genetic engineering. The quality of nucleic acid extraction directly affects the accuracy and reliability of subsequent experiments, so it is crucial to choose a high-quality nucleic acid extraction kit.

B. Key steps in nucleic acid extraction

Sample lysis: Destroy cell structure by chemical reagents or physical methods to release nucleic acids.

Removal of impurities: Remove proteins, lipids and other impurities by adsorption, precipitation or centrifugation.

Nucleic acid purification: Purify nucleic acids by column filtration or magnetic bead separation technology to ensure that the extracted nucleic acids are of high purity and concentration.

C. Advantages of our nucleic acid extraction kit

1. Efficient and fast

Our nucleic acid extraction kit uses advanced reagent formula and optimized extraction process, which greatly shortens the operation time. Usually, 96 samples can be extracted within 10 minutes. Whether it is manual operation or automated extraction, our products can provide excellent performance.

2. High purity and high yield

Using our unique magnetic bead separation technology and optimized buffer system, we ensure that the extracted nucleic acid has high purity and high yield. The recovery rate of our magnetic beads is greater than 99%, and the minimum detection limit is less than 100 copies/ml.

3. Pre-packaged reagents, easy to use

Six reagents are pre-packaged in our nucleic acid extraction kit: virus lysis buffer VL2, buffer BB, virus magnetic beads, virus rinse buffer A, rinse buffer WB and elution buffer. These reagents do not need to be added manually. Users only need to follow the instructions, saving time and effort, and avoiding human errors.

4. Wide applicability

Applicable to various biological samples, including blood, tissues, cells, bacteria, viruses, etc. Whether it is clinical samples or scientific research samples, our kits can provide reliable nucleic acid extraction solutions.

D. Certification and international registration

Our nucleic acid extraction kits have obtained multiple international certifications, including ISO13485, ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO45001, CE and FDA certifications. In addition, our products have also obtained registration certificates in countries such as New Zealand, Peru, Indonesia, Brazil, Australia, Italy and the United Kingdom, ensuring the reliability and legality of the products worldwide.

E. Application fields

Molecular biology research: genome sequencing, gene expression analysis, gene editing, etc.

Clinical diagnosis: virus detection, tumor marker detection, genetic disease screening, etc.

Forensic identification: DNA fingerprinting, paternity testing, etc.

Genetic engineering: gene cloning, transgenic plant and animal research, etc.

Why choose our nucleic acid extraction kit?

Professional quality: We have many years of R&D and production experience, and our product quality is stable and reliable.

User first: Provide comprehensive technical support and after-sales service to ensure that users have no worries.

High cost performance: Under the premise of ensuring high quality, our product prices are competitive, helping users reduce experimental costs.

Contact us

If you are interested in our nucleic acid extraction kit, please feel free to contact our sales team. We look forward to providing you with the best quality products and services and jointly promoting the progress of life sciences.

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