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Unlock A New Chapter of Health: Your Stomach Health Is Protected by Our Newly Launched Helicobacter Pylori Rapid Antigen Test Kit

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Unlock A New Chapter of Health: Your Stomach Health Is Protected by Our Newly Launched Helicobacter Pylori Rapid Antigen Test Kit

Unlock a new chapter of health: Your stomach health is protected by our newly launched Helicobacter pylori rapid antigen test kit.

In modern fast-paced life, stomach health problems are increasingly troubling people. Helicobacter pylori, the "invisible killer" lurking in the stomach, may cause gastritis, gastric ulcers, and even gastric cancer. However, now, you no longer need to worry about this threat - our newly launched Helicobacter pylori rapid antigen test kit will escort your stomach health.

Helicobacter pylori (Hp), originally named Campylobacter pylori, is a Gram-negative bacterium that is arc-shaped or S-shaped, with 1 to 2 tiny bends, and 4 to 6 sheathed unipolar or Bipolar flagella are microaerophilic bacteria that reproduce most actively when the pH value is 6 to 8. Helicobacter pylori reaches the gastric mucosa through the mouth and then colonizes and infects it, causing chronic and superficial gastritis over weeks or months, and developing into duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer, and lymphoproliferative gastric lymphoma after years or decades. , chronic atrophic gastritis, etc., and the latter is the most dangerous factor leading to gastric cancer. Helicobacter pylori infection is distributed globally, but the infection rates vary greatly in different countries and regions or among different groups of people.

Bioteke Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech biotechnology company with 19 years of experience in the development and production of reagent diagnostic products. It has been committed to the development of human health. Therefore, we have developed a rapid antigen detection kit for Helicobacter pylori double antibody sandwich method.

This product uses the detection principle of double-antibody sandwich method to qualitatively detect Helicobacter pylori (HP) antigen appearing in human stool samples. The detection line position on the nitrocellulose membrane is coated with Helicobacter pylori monoclonal antibody, and the control line position is coated with Goat anti-mouse IgG, combined with latex microspheres labeled Helicobacter pylori monoclonal antibody. When tested, samples are reacted with H. pylori monoclonal antibodies bound to pre-coated latex microspheres. The mixture then chromatographs upwards under the capillary effect.

If it is positive, the microsphere-labeled Helicobacter pylori monoclonal antibody first binds to the Helicobacter pylori (HP) antigen in the sample during the chromatography process, and then the conjugate will be bound to the Helicobacter pylori monoclonal antibody fixed on the membrane. A red strip will appear at the test line (T). If it is negative, there will be no red strip at the test line (T).

1.Non-invasive testing, protect your comfort

We know that your health and comfort are equally important. Our Helicobacter pylori rapid antigen test kit avoids the pain of invasive examinations such as gastroscopy by detecting antigens in feces. You can get accurate test results by simply taking samples at home. The whole process is convenient and safe.

2.Easy operation and fast results

In the busy pace of life, time is particularly precious. Our test kit is simple in design and the operation steps are clear and concise. In just a few simple steps, you can complete sample processing and get test results. Whether at home or in the clinic, you can quickly test and save your precious time.

3.High sensitivity and specificity to ensure accurate testing

We use advanced testing technology to ensure that the test kit has high sensitivity and specificity, and can accurately identify Helicobacter pylori infection. Whether it is the first test or the efficacy evaluation, our products can provide you with reliable data support to help you and your doctor develop the best treatment plan.

4.Affordable and suitable for large-scale screening

Compared with traditional gastroscopy, the Helicobacter pylori rapid antigen test kit is more affordable and suitable for large-scale screening and regular monitoring. Whether it is for home use or medical institution procurement, we offer very competitive prices to truly achieve affordability.

5.Widely applicable to the population, family health guardian

Whether it is children, the elderly, or other people who are not suitable for gastroscopy, they can use our test kits. We hope that every family member can get the health protection they deserve, so that your family can enjoy a healthy and worry-free life.

[Your health, our mission]

In our company, we always adhere to customer health as the center and are committed to providing high-quality medical testing products. The launch of the Helicobacter pylori rapid antigen test kit is an important step for us to protect your stomach health. Choosing us means choosing peace of mind, assurance and consideration.

Now, log in to the Bioteke Corporation website, search for our Helicobacter pylori rapid antigen test kit, and start your health journey. Let us work together to protect the stomach health of you and your family and unlock a beautiful new chapter in life!

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