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Ultra-fast one-step RT-PCR Workstation Portable Pcr Machine

It reduces the original 1.5-hour PCR experiment to 20~30 minutes, which greatly improve the efficiency of sample detection.

BioTeke Fast real-time fluorescence PCR analyzer (BTK-8) upgrade on traditional fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument, which not only retains the advantage of high detection sensitivity, but also overcomes the disadvantage of time-consuming reaction. In this way, one-round reaction time can be shortened from 1.5 hours to 20~30min, which greatly saves time.


Its Windows Touch-Screen Operating System edit and run programmes by itself Instead of connecting to the computer. It can directly connect to the printer to print the report.

BTK-8 Ultrafast Real-time PCR System is available with 4-color fluorescence channels, the temperature-dependent fluorescence optical system can acquire all channels simultaneously.

Highly sensitive to rival ABI Quantstudio  6.

Super instrument performance, 8~12/s temperature change speed, 20~30min to complete 40 cycles.

DNA/RNA detection available, Integrate traditional PCR/RT-PCR functions, and supports one-step RT-PCR Method.

Mobile portable and innovative compact design, especially suitable for on-site test and POCT .

10uL reaction system saves reagents and samples.


Sample type:

Pharynx swab, nasal swab, anal swab, oral swab, culture, bacterial culture suspension, serum, plasma, vomit, diarrhea, animal tissue, plant tissue, etc.

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