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Product introduction about sampling kits

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Product introduction about sampling kits

Single-use virus sampling kits are usually divided into two types, a non-inactivated type that protects the protein and nucleic acid of the virus, and an inactivated type that usually contains the lysis salt of the inactivated virus, which lyses the protein while protecting the nucleic acid. So how much do you know about the accounting sampling kit?

Here is the content list:

l The main components of the sampling kit.

l About the sampling package test method

l Sampling kit is mainly used for

l Conditions to be met by the sampling kit

The main components of the sampling kit

1, sampling kit includes a disposable sterile plastic rod / artificial fiber head sampling swab

2. Sterile sampling kit containing 3ml of virus maintenance solution (Gentamicin and Amphotericin B are chosen to better inhibit the fungus in the sample. (To avoid the possible human allergic reaction caused by penicillin in the traditional sampling solution.

In addition, there are additional parts such as a tongue depressor and biosafety bag.

About the sampling package test method

1. Before sampling, label the sampling kit with relevant sample information.

2. According to different sampling requirements, sampling swabs are used to sample in the nasopharyngeal area.

3. Specific sampling methods are as follows.

a) Nasal swab: insert the swab head gently into the nasal canal at the nasal palate, stay for a moment and then slowly turn to exit. Wipe the other nostril with another swab, dip the swab head into the sampling solution and discard the tail.

(b) Pharyngeal swab: swab the bilateral pharyngeal tonsils and posterior pharyngeal wall, again dipping the swab head into the sampling solution of the sampling kit and discarding the tail.

4. Quickly place the swab into the sampling kit.

5. Break the part of the sampling swab above the sampling bag and screw the tube cover.

6. A freshly collected sampling package of clinical specimens should be transported to the laboratory within 48h at 2℃ ~ 8℃.

Sampling kit is mainly used for

1, sampling kit for the CDC department, clinical departments for infectious pathogenic microbial surveillance sampling use.

Suitable for influenza virus (common influenza, highly pathogenic avian influenza, influenza A (H1N1) virus, etc.), hand, foot, and mouth virus, and other types of virus sampling. At the same time sampling kit is also used for sampling of mycoplasma, chlamydia, urea plasma, etc.

2, a sampling kit is also used to transport nasopharyngeal swab specimens or specific parts of the tissue specimens from the sampling site to the testing laboratory, pending PCR extraction and testing.

3、The sampling kit can also preserve nasopharyngeal swab samples or site-specific tissue specimens pending the necessary cell culture.

Conditions to be met by the sampling kit

Requirements for virus sampling kits are loaded with infectious substances, some even highly pathogenic susceptible substances, therefore, the sampling kit container requirements are very demanding, to meet the requirements of three aspects at the same time.

1, the safety of transport.

Ensure that the sample does not leak during transportation. Meet the WHO regulations and biosafety regulations of the sampling kit.

2, the safety of preservation.

Ensure that the samples do not leak during storage. Sampling kits that comply with WHO regulations and biosafety regulations.

3, the validity of the sample.

Ensure that the sampling kit itself will not have toxic effects on the sample.

After the outbreak of the new epidemic, Bioteke Corporation quickly joined the global fight against the epidemic and launched a series of sampling kits and testing products, which are widely recognized at home and abroad for their high efficiency and stability.

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