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Portable Clinical Laboratory Dna Analysis Real Time Pcr machine Thermal Cycler

It reduces the original 1.5hour PCR experiment to 20~30 minutes.
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    BioTeke Fast real-time fluorescence PCR analyzer (BTK-8) upgrade on traditional fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument, which not only retains the advantage of high detection sensitivity, but also overcomes the disadvantage of time-consuming reaction. In this way, one-round reaction time can be shortened from 1.5 hours to 20~30min, which greatly saves time.


    Its Windows Touch-Screen Operating System edit and run programmes by itself Instead of connecting to the computer. It can directly connect to the printer to print the report.

BTK-8 Ultrafast Real-time PCR System is available with 4-color fluorescence channels, the temperature-dependent fluorescence optical system can acquire all channels simultaneously.

Product Qualification

CE Certification-IVD Notification Certificate/ CE Certification-E.A.R. Certificate/ CE Certification-Notify body: 2853/ FDA Registration/ Belgium Registration/ Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Certificate/ Peru Registration exempt/ Italy Registration/ Instrument Test Report/ ISO 13485 Certificate/ ISO 9001 Certificate/ ISO 45001 Certificate/ ISO 14001 Certificate/ IPMS Certificate/ Verified Supplier Certificate


1.    4-color fluorescence channels

FAM /VIC /ROX /Cy5 included

2.    Multiplex Test

Adopting 8-hole chip,8 samples and multi-target gene can be detected simultaneously.

3.    Simple and rapid

The ultra-fast temperature rise and fall rate of 8~ 12℃/s can shorten the PCR experiment from 1.5 hours to only 20~ 30 minutes.

4.    Micro-reaction system

Only 10µL reaction system is needed,reducing reagent cost.

5.    High sensitivity

Adopting microfluidic technology, each reaction pore is relatively independent and has no cross interference. As a result, the detection system has high sensitivity and can achieve the same sensitivity as ABI Q6.

6.    Portable and durable

Fast real-time fluorescence PCR analyzer weighs 8kg, which is so light and compact that can be carried to site and field in suitcases. More-

over, it can also be equipped with vehicle charging or storage battery and full power of it can run 1 0~ 12 rounds of PCR programs a day.


BTK-8 Main Parameter

Model Type


Product Type

Nucleic Acid Detection

Product Name

Super Fast PCR Analyzer


340*275*265 mm



Applicable consumables

Dedicated consumables

Power supply


Communication Interface


Operatir)g environment relative humidit


Operating environment   temp

18 35

Temperature control range


Temperature control accuracy

±0. 1

Average heating and cooling rate



 Comparison results

ABI QuantStudio 6 Experiment data

BioTeke BTK-8 Experiment data



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