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1. This is a single-use in vitro diagnostic reagent, do not reuse, and do not use expired products.

2. All test specimens must be considered potentially infectious, and during collection, processing, storage, mixing of specimens and testing should be taken appropriate protective measures. Therefore, wear protective measures such as wearing gloves and masks should be done, and dispose of all wastes as potentially biohazardous items. (Used cotton swabs, test cards, extraction tubes, etc., should be decontaminated before disposal and tested for autoclaving.)

3. Use the swab and sample diluent provided with this reagent for sampling, and do not mix use different batches of test cards and sample diluent.

4. Use fresh specimens for testing, do not use repeated freeze-thaw samples.

5. Operate at room temperature. Test cards kept at low temperature should be restored to room temperature before opening to avoid moisture absorption.

6. Do not use reagent kits with obvious damage or test cards with damaged or expired packaging.

7. The aluminum foil pouch contains desiccant and must not be taken orally.

8. Improper sample collection or processing may result in false-negative results.

9. Ensure proper sample loading volume, results of too much or too little sample loading volume may not be credible.

10. If the initial screen is a positive sample, contact your local public health agency.

11. As with the diagnostic reagents used, the final diagnosis should be made by a physician after combining the various test parameters and clinical symptoms.

12. If you have any questions or suggestions on the use of this kit, please contact the manufacturer.

13. For unknown reasons, long-term use of some drugs may lead to false positive results of the test, which are not covered by the interfering substances.

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