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New Products Are Online! 7 In 1 Respiratory Multiple Pathogen Antigen Test Kit!

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New Products Are Online! 7 In 1 Respiratory Multiple Pathogen Antigen Test Kit!

Warm Warning: The Product Is Not Available For the US Market !!!

Respiratory Multiple Pathogen Antigen Detection Kit (7 In 1)

The detection principle of respiratory disease antigen detection kits is usually based on immunological principles. These test kits utilize specific antibodies to detect the presence of specific pathogen antigens in a sample. Typically, these test kits contain a specific antibody that binds to a specific antigen of the target pathogen. When a target pathogen is present in the sample, the antigen of the pathogen combines with the antibody in the kit to form an immune complex. 

Typically, these immune complexes will indicate a positive or negative result through a series of reactions or color changes. For example, some test kits may use stains or fluorescent labels to show the formation of immune complexes, thereby indicating the presence of target pathogen antigens in the sample.

Respiratory multipathogen antigen detection kits have many advantages, including:

1.Rapidity: These tests typically provide results in a short time, often within tens of minutes. This is important for rapid diagnosis and treatment of respiratory infections.

2.Simplicity: Most tests are easy to use and do not require complex equipment or specialized skills. This allows medical personnel to conduct testing in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, and even home healthcare settings.

3.Accuracy: The design of multiple pathogen antigen detection kits is usually based on highly sensitive and specific immunological principles, so they usually have high accuracy. This helps ensure fast and accurate diagnostic results.High sensitivity (96.97%), high specificity (100%), and high accuracy (98.05%).

4.Early diagnosis: These test kits can often detect the presence of pathogens at an early stage after symptoms appear, helping medical staff take timely measures to treat and control the spread.

5.Cost Savings: These tests are often more affordable than traditional testing methods such as culture or PCR because they do not require expensive equipment and lengthy laboratory processing.

In summary, the respiratory multiple pathogen antigen detection kit has the advantages of rapid, simple, accurate, multi-functional, early diagnosis and cost saving, making it an important diagnostic tool for respiratory infections.


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