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Monkeypox Virus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit Rapid Detection in Humans

Good specificity, no cross-reactivity. With BTK-8,18min to complete detection.
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  • PR2023-D

  • BioTeke

Warm warning: This product is not available for US market.

A. Product Name

Monkeypox Virus nucleic acid detection kit(Fluorescence PCR method)

B. Advantages

  • Can be transported at room temperature, storage time 60 days at 37°C and 20 days at 55°C

  • With BTK-8, 18min to complete detection

  • Minimum limitation of detection: 500 copies/mL

  • Contains UDG enzyme to prevent nucleic acid contamination

  • Good specificity, no cross-reactivity

C. Intended Use

This kit is used to achieve qualitative detection of Monkeypox viral DNA extracted from serum or lesion exudate samples of suspected infected patients and other patients requiring diagnosis.

D. Principle

This product is a fluorescent probe-based Taqman® real-time PCR assay system. Specific primers and probes are designed for the detection of F3L gene of Monkeypox Virus. Internal control targeting the human conserved gene monitor the sample collection, sample handling and real-time PCR process to avoid false-negative results. The kit is a fully premix lyophilized system, which includes materials needed for Monkeypox Virus detection: nucleic acid amplification enzyme, UDG enzyme, reaction buffer, specific primer and probe.

E. Product qualifications(By Dec.2nd,2022)

Monkeypox Virus nucleic acid detection kit

(Fluorescence PCR method)

猴痘病毒核酸检测试剂盒(荧光 PCR 法)
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