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Maintenance methods for PCR machines

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Maintenance methods for PCR machines

PCR machine is an extremely important tool for molecular biology research. It is a molecular biology technique used to amplify specific DNA fragments, and the basic principle is to simulate DNA replication in cells in a test tube, that is, to create artificial nucleic acid semi-conserved replication conditions, so that the process of amplification of the target DNA is completed outside the cell, and PCR machine can be regarded as a special DNA replication outside the organism. So how can we maintain the PCR machine?

Here is the content list:

l About the contamination of PCR machines

l Attention to maintenance and care

About the contamination of PCR machines

One of the headaches of PCR machines in experiments is their susceptibility to contamination, and extremely small amounts of contamination can cause false-positive results. The causes of contamination are

Specimen contamination: the container used to collect the specimen is contaminated; the specimen is placed outside the container due to poor sealing; the container is contaminated with specimens causing cross-contamination, etc. All these can easily lead to contamination of the PCR machine.

Reagent contamination: contamination of PCR machine nucleic acid templates by spikers, containers, double-distilled water, and other solutions during PCR machine reagent configuration.

PCR machine product contamination: the most important source of contamination. If the PCR machine forms aerosols during the experiment (aerosols can be formed when the air rubs against the liquid surface, when the reaction tube is shaken more vigorously during operation, when the cap is opened, when the sample is aspirated, and when the contaminated spiker is repeatedly blown, and one aerosol can contain 48,000 copies), the aerosol may contaminate the PCR machine amplification experiment performed afterward.

Attention to maintenance and care

Although the PCR machine is not a measuring instrument, its main principle of action is closely related to the basic elements of measurement, the requirements are high, once out of control, the instrument will not work properly, so the PCR machine also requires regular testing and maintenance, which is particularly important for PCR machines that rely on natural wind cooling.

In the maintenance of the instrument, the following issues need to be noted.

1) PCR machines need to be tested regularly, depending on the cooling method generally at least once every six months.

2) The required temperature of the PCR machine reaction is not consistent with the actual distribution of the reaction temperature. When the detection reveals that the average temperature difference of each well deviates from the set temperature by more than 1~2℃, the temperature correction method can be applied to correct the actual reaction temperature difference of the PCR machine.

3) The key to the PCR reaction process is the time control of the heating and cooling process, the shorter the better, when the cooling process of the PCR machine is more than the 60s, you should check the refrigeration system of the instrument, the air-cooled refrigeration PCR machine to more thoroughly clean the dust of the reaction base; for other refrigeration systems should check the relevant refrigeration components.

4) In general, if the temperature correction method can be used to correct the temperature of the instrument, do not easily open or adjust the electronic control components of the PCR machine, if necessary, ask professionals to repair or use the PCR machine electronic circuit detailed drawings for maintenance.

The above is about PCR machine maintenance and repair, if you want to know more about PCR machines or purchase friends can come to consult Bioteke Corporation!

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