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Freeze RSARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 MERS-CoV Coronavirus Disease RNA test

This kit is used to achieve qualitative detection of ORF1ab, N gene of 2019-nCOV viral RNA extracted from nasopharyngeal swabs, oropharyngeal swabs and sputum of suspected infected patients suspected to have clustered cases and other patients requiring diagnosis.

The transportation and storage condition of traditional liquid PCR reagents must be a strict cold chain and low-temperature storage environment. Once the temperature is too high or repeated freezing and thawing, the enzyme activity in the reagent can be damaged, and the amplification result will be extremely unstable. Therefore, the high cost of long-distance cold chain transportation and the decrease in actual stability during transportation have become the limiting factors which restricts the large-scale development of traditional liquid PCR reagents.

Product advantages:

Storage stability: Compared with traditional liquid PCR amplification reagents stored at -20°C, freeze-dried reagents can be stored stably at 4°C for at least 6 months, and at -20±5°C for at least one year.

Transportation stability: The stability can be maintained for 1-month transportation at room temperature.

Convenient operation: polymerase, primers, probes, dNTPs, and buffers are all freeze-dried in the reagent bottle, reconstituted with the dissolving solution when used, and the system can be used as a separate system.

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