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Flu or COVID or RSV or Advenovirus or M.pneumoniae?

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   If you have respiratory symptoms , could it be COVID or the flu or RSV or Advenovirus or M.pneumoniae? Or something else entirely?

   Now ,Bioteke developed and manufactured “SARS-CoV-2 / Flu A / Flu B / RSV / ADV / MP Antigen Rapid Test Kit” that can distinguish between COVID,Influenza A , Influenza B ,RSV and M.pneumoniae with a single swab.This test cassettes have a single well and two test windows.You could check the test results of Covid 19 ,Flu B and FluA in one window.In the other window,you can view the test results of Mp,ADV and RSV.


  Why Bioteke developed and manufactured this kit?

   SARS-CoV-2, Flu A ,Flu B,RSV,ADV and MP have largely overlapping seasonal patterns and clinical presentations, the clinical diagnosis of these infections may be challenging,which increase the potential impact of overlapping or subsequent waves of COVID-19,  influenza, RSV and M.pneumoniae on healthcare systems around the world.

   Using A Combo Rapid Test Kit for the SARS-CoV-2 + Flu A/B + RSV +RSV +MP can reduce the turnaround time, increasing access to testing,preventing the overcrowding of hospitals and delays in treatment.

   With only a single sample ,Bioteke SARS-CoV-2 / Flu A / Flu B / RSV / ADV / MP Antigen Rapid Test Kit can check for these viruses and delivers results in 15-20 minutes,which could prevent further transmission and delays in treatment.



  What are the innovations on Bioteke multiplt respiratory combo test kit ?

   1.Two-way chromatography with only single sample well has Patent design,which simplified operators’detection steps.

   2. Compact card better friendly to the environment,which reduces plastic pollution to the environment.

   3. The multi-color system is more conducive to the interpretation of inspector and can help reduce the chance of misjufgment.

    You Can Click Link to Know More About 'Bioteke Flu Rsv Adv Combo Test Kit'

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