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Single micropipette pipete pipettor chemical dropper

Accurate, durable, affordable
Our micropipettes offer an accessible, fundamental tool for both learners and professionals

A. Description

The ability to measure very small amounts, microliters (µl), of liquid chemicals or reagents is a fundamental skill needed in the biotechnology or research lab. A micropipette is used to measure these very small volumes with accuracy.


B. Intended Use

Micropipettes are utilized in the laboratory to transfer small quantities of liquid, usually down to 0.1 uL. They are most commonly used in chemistry, biology, forensic, pharmaceutical, and drug discovery labs, among others.


C. Advantage&Features

Durable, quality, everyday performance

  1. Accurate and durable

  2. Fully adjustable

  3. Ergonomic design

  4. Compatible with standard tips

  5. Calibration tool included

  6. Very low operating force


D. Specification


Volume Range



0.5 - 10μl



5 - 50μl



10 - 100μl



20 - 200μl



100 - 1000μl



0.5 - 5ml



The most essential aspect of a pipette tip is its quality, whether you’re looking for a filter, low retention, or gel loading tip, make sure that the pipette tip will perform accordingly and as precise as your micropipette. Make sure to research the purity of your pipette tips.

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